What does it do?

Feature rich.. and affordable for SMBs.

Infostruction Unified Cloud provides a rich set of unified cloud services that integrate all of an organization’s IT infrastructure, not just the applications. A list of services and brief description is given below:

  • ▪ Registration – self service feature allowing users to register their own system account. Supports CAPTCHA, directory integration, and can be customized to validate against 3rd party databases.
  • ▪ Document Publishing –feature that enables users to publish and share documents with other system users. Ideal for departmental sharing of documents (eg. HR, Sales, etc.). Features include PDF conversion, check-in/check-out, etc.
  • ▪ Calendaring –enables the sharing of personal and group calendars with other users accessing the Unified Cloud system. Supports features such as email notification, event approval, and integrates with our mail agent.
  • ▪ Mail, Tasks, and Contacts –integrates a user’s mail messages, tasks, and contacts into the webOS and portal webDesktops. Leverages our mail agent to integrate a user’s organizational messaging system.
  • ▪ Forums –application designed for the discussion of ideas. The forums provide the end user with an means of presenting an idea and then monitoring the feedback from other users with regards to the idea.
  • ▪ Blogs –A blog is an application designed to support regular entries of commentary. Blogs are widely used both personally and in group settings to journal and comment on specific issues, ideas, thoughts, or events.
  • ▪ Polling –a community service application that allows an organization to query end users for information and opinions. Polls can be created for the purpose of taking surveys, requesting feedback, voting on issues, or collecting user opinions.
  • ▪ teamPages –provides organizations with a collaborative web interface by which end users can share information in an Intranet or Extranet setting. With teamPages, organizations can turn group of network users into a “team” with just a click of a button. teamPages is perfect for sales organizations, marketing teams, customer service representatives, law firms, educators, and anyone else who needs to share information or collaborate with people as part of their job.
  • ▪ File Services –provides users with access to internal network file systems through the webOS, portal, or mobile interface. With File Services, users can access shared, home, and public directories from anywhere they have an Internet connection. File Services supports features such as drag/drop, local edit, copy/paste, etc.
  • ▪ Form Services –allows organizations to create their own web-based forms for the collection and presentation of information to both internal and external users. Form Services is designed for the non-developer, enabling wn administrators to build and distribute web forms throughout the wn cloud. Organizations will find the ability to create ad-hoc web forms for collecting information from customers, employees, and the public.
  • ▪ Report Services –designed to allow administrator to easily build, secure, and distribute dynamic database reports throughout the organization. Report Services is unique in that it leverages an organization’s investment in Identity Management to build, secure, and distribute critical business information to the people who need it. Supports most ODBC/JDBC databases.
  • ▪ News and Alerts –provides users with news and alert messages based on their role within the organization. Administrators are able to easily notify all or specific users of corporate events, departmental notices, or system maintenance.
  • ▪ Personal Desktop –a feature designed to connect a user with his office desktop when working from home or on the road. Personal desktop provides users with access to files, documents, reports, and applications sitting on their personal desktops that may not be practical to publish in the Infostruction cloud.
  • ▪ Folder Monitor –integrated File Services feature designed to automatically scan a file system directory on a local workstation and move its contents to a backend network file system.
  • ▪ webPages –a vertical specific application designed to provide companies with a simple means of publishing content and information to employees and outside parties. webPages provides a “template” system by which companies can provide valuable information to an audience without becoming an HTML editor or web page designer. webPages simplifies the process of moving content online by providing a common “look and feel” across an entire organization.
  • ▪ Self Service –set of applications that enable users to manage their own system account.
  • ▪ Password Self Service –allows users to reset their forgotten passwords. Challenge/Response system requires users to answer a set of challenge questions before password reset. Supports immediate reset or emailed activation link.
  • ▪ Login Scripts –Login Scripts allow the administrator to change the login process for any user by adding simple script commands. Login Scripts dynamically change the user’s login based on conditional logic created by the organization.
  • ▪ Push Console –advanced web technology that allows administrators to “push” events out to the user’s webDesktop. With no client or plug-in code required, the push console can automatically start applications, send messages, lock the webDesktop, open web sites, log user off the system, etc.
  • ▪ Groupware Agent –an enhancement pack to the community service applications that provides enterprises with the ability to integrate their collaborative systems into their wn environment. Groupware agent supports both Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise.
  • ▪ External Users –allows organizations to provide external users and groups with access to wn resources without creating these accounts in their production network environment. The External User feature federates a secondary directory to store non-organizational accounts (eg. – vendors, customers, public, etc.) which reduces licensing costs and improves account security.
  • ▪ Network Aware Cloud Services – integration with network vendors to control the quality of service based on the user or the IT service. Infostruction administrators can control the bandwidth allocated or priority of network service based on the applications being accessed through the private cloud. Feature enables the creation of very scalable and efficient private cloud platforms.
  • ▪ Virtualization friendly – We can deliver Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix, RDP, VNC, Telnet and other types of connectivity 100% through the browser.

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