What’s in a cloud?
    • How does this appear to the end-user?


    • http://webmail.provider.cloud
    • http://intranet.hostedinarack.cloud
    • http://www.dropmyfiles.cloud
    • http://passwordmanager.cloud
      • Private clouds are comprised of files, applications and services in your data center.
      • Public clouds are comprised of files, applications and services outside your organization.
      • And still, many applications and files live on user devices…
      • End users want quick and easy access from anywhere using a wide range of devices. At the same time, IT struggles to maintain security and manageability while striving to simplify the environment.
      • Our solution is to deploy products and services that enable the transition to a single interface, this way users can simultaniously access aggregate services from the data center, public cloud, and the local device.
      • We’ll simplify multiple disparate sources of data into a single, easy to use web network




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