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Infostruction Web Network

The Infostruction team is a leading provider of award-winning systems management and monitoring software known for being reliable, simple, and easy-to-use. Infostruction has provided this solution because it fits all sizes, and we host it for you in a highly reliable environment.
The Unified Cloud product we deploy has over 8 million world-wide users. It was developed for collaboration in classroom environments, and now is available to SMBs.
Our unique two-tier architecture forces users through a “relay” to reach any of the resources. This box is stand-alone, in a separate zone on the network. This zone has only limited communications with the back-end. The purpose of this device is only to carry connections into the back-end, it can not directly access databases. An encrypted channel is formed between the user, and the back-end systems that contain the companies information.
All of the corporate wealth (data) lives on a highly secure platform that is obscured from these web servers at the edge of the untrusted network.
The cluster have can be quickly scaled to provides multiple redundant systems at each layer, this allows us to dynamically scale and balance the load of web traffic for clients of any size!
The datacenter configuration we host includes the following:
Fully managed on-staff 24×7 with a “high touch” datacenter
High resilience configurations with redundancies at all layers
Machines scale with no downtime, or hardware changes.
SSD Storage, scalable to hundreds of Terabytes
Infostruction has systems capable of scaling this platform to support over 15,000 concurrent users, requiring no physical hardware upgrades to grow. That’s why we chose an efficient system that requires much less computing power than the competitiors. The Unified Cloud is feature rich, but not so complex that it creates a network full of outages and dependencies.
We are passionate about security, stability and maximum uptime.
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