InfoStruction.com was formerly a Computer Security related blog, launched in 2007. The infostruction page was owned by a blogger who privately operated the site for several years, posting a variety of security related content. This site came to include a platforms page that covered many common security platforms as well.


The Infostruction blog attracted 125k visitors in just a few short years. These visitors came from 204 different countries and spoke 150 different languages. We recognized the Infostruction blog as being dedicated to improving the client condition.

Infostruction was formed as an LLC in 2014 by a group of individuals who have worked in a variety of consulting and engineering roles. We bring with us the concepts, methodologies, and experiences of Engineers working with SMBs and large Fortune 500 companies.

Our products are heavily focused around a high quality of service. This means that we are vendor agnostic, and will pursue all possible solutions to a problem. The implementations are seamless, and we make an effort to test & monitor everything from the perspective of a user.

We will help you leverage strategically designed technology solutions as a catalyst for increased collaboration and growth.

Infostruction’s business is adding value into your business.

Engineers working with SMBs



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